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All proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center in Bellingham WA


released August 23, 2016

scott greene - vocals, guitar
chip westerfield - guitar, bk vocals, add’l keys
ron steagall - bass, bk vocals
oskar kollen - keys
nick robinson - drums
Additional Musicians:
phil sottile - lap steel on Kickin’ • frank hernandez - bk vocals on Kickin’

Produced by chip westerfield and scott greene
Recorded by eric janko at Robert Lang Studios - Seattle WA
Studio assistants - steve deMar and nick greene
Additional recording by chip westerfield
Mixed by chip westerfield
Mastered by eric Janko
Photos - shasta bree
Album Art - dave weldon

SGB would like to thank:
Kristy Carpenter - without her love and support none of this would be possible.
Mike Mulder for helping make this recording happen.
Eric Janko for your one-of- a-kind studio mojo and advice.
Dave Grove and Boris Budd for their long time support of the SGB.
Phil Carter, Pete Johnson, Dave Weldon, David Wiggs, Kevin Heath and all the friends and
family that there isn’t room to list. All the venues that have let us play & a very special thanks
to all the supporters & fans that have come out to our shows over the years.
THE BANDS - Confessor, Hard Margaret, Tighty Whiteys, Professor Dumb, Slick Watts,
August Again, Loyal Sinners, The DT’s, Nashville Northwest, and Luke Warm & the Moderates.

This album was mixed & mastered for Enhanced Dynamic Range. TURN IT UP !!!



all rights reserved


Scott Greene Band Bellingham, Washington

After years of playing in, and writing with, several different bands (The DT's, Loyal Sinners, Slick Watts....and more), Scott put together a group of accomplished players dedicated to creating their own uninhibited musical vehicle.
Hailing from the great Northwest with designs on world domination, or at least a few good albums and a stint as musical guest of SNL.
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Track Name: Get On Up
Get on up

let’s make some waves
let’s stir the pot ‘fore it stagnates
roll the dice, put the farm on the line
if we lose, I never really loved farm life
oh, I can’t sit still, I can’t see straight
I can live or I can die
I just can’t stand to wait

I’ve seen hesitation save my skin
I’ve seen hesitation be the kiss of death
I’ve seen good things come to those who wait
I’ve seen great things come to those who wait
but I just can’t hold my breath

oh you’re sitting there
say you don’t know what to do
oh I know I see I’ve been there too
get on up get on up get on up get on up
now we ain’t got time for the blues
Track Name: In The Corner
In the Corner

from entrance to ashes
well there’s too much to do
I’m barely catching up now when
here comes the new
I’m getting tripped and blocked by
love and booze in the corner shakin’
from my heart to the soles of my shoes

she said “sometimes you’re the best,
but you can be so bad”
when I said “ I’m cool with Jesus
but I got issues with his Dad”
now I don’t hear so good
second guess everything I see
in the corner shakin’
ain’t no time to be hangin’ on me

I saw the tear
you weren’t tryin’ that hard to hide
I know there’s more where that leaked from
baby, damned deep inside
if you ever get to perfect
well, I guess you’re done
I’ve seen the best and I’ve seen better
I’ve seen flaws I’ve seen flaws in everyone
Track Name: Killin' Time
Killin’ Time

killin’ time until you get the call
time is gone, gone killed it all
let’s chase our tails, let’s paint the walls
so it don’t look as though we’ve stalled

you can’t expect too much these days
where what one do ain’t what one say
the grass is greener when you look away
the soul goes limp and the heart does stray

you should have known it from the start
you gotta play it like you got the part
the time before you depart
don’t spend it mending broken hearts
Track Name: Nowhere On Time
Nowhere On Time

you think how did I get here, where did I go wrong, worked hard
amassed a fortune, got drunk, sold it for a song
now you’re livin’ in the moment but you ain’t gettin’ nothing back
finally made it to the bar car, when your train it left the tracks

now your wife she don’t listen, so now you don’t have much to say
not that you lied but to hear her side it sounds the other way
but I’m not taking sides, this alliance don’t come easy
you’re both good to the core and so much more
but the claws come out when you’re leaving

you see the other men look at her, you imagine what they’re thinking
she left the nest dressed to impress, and since then she’s been drinking
and you tell yourself but you’re not convinced, without you she’s ok
you want to leave just walk on out but your head gets in the way
so you turn around sit back down try not to slip any lower
the look in her eyes you don’t recognize
and you feel like you hardly know her

well the future is an open road, but it’s not the road you’re on
where you’re at it’s not that bad but it’s not where you belong
you can make it to another day if you just get past the moment
it don’t feel right to live this tight, just trying not to blow it

if you keep between the lines, you get nowhere on time
might already be there, you might be going nowhere
Track Name: Giving and...
Giving and…

going in deep, we’re going in hard and fast
we only have now you know it won’t last
I’ve heard it said that secrets are possessed
do me right now come on baby confess

I’m taking your best
or I’m taking what’s left
either way I got you covered
you can take to live but you gotta give
‘cause giving makes good lovers

I won’t suggest a path but I might leave a trail
even Angels they grow curious ‘bout Hell
you’ve got a choice if you get a chance
keep your back to the wall
or just get out and dance
Track Name: Little Girls Growin'
Little Girls Growing

girl, it’s not your feelings that I fear
never mind your mother nature
we got laws around here
now curiosity, well, that ain’t a crime
just keep it fantasy ‘till it’s your time

that wicked wonder lust can get you good
got you not caring if it’s right or wrong
or if you should
oh broken lovers,
even broken lovers still got to live
don’t let ‘em take what you’re not ready,
you’re not ready, ready to give

that pressure builds
gotta keep it from blowing
little feelings, start to showing
don’t be healing when you should be growing
Track Name: Letters

now you know you know when you’ve had enough
you’re down on your knees use your hands for a cup
now we don’t have the time nor the space for this stuff
love a few diamonds get a whole lotta rough

save all your letters
to know from where you came
it might get better
when things don’t stay the same

just when you think you got it all figured out
someone comes along tries to tell you what it’s all about
you can’t explain, can’t complain, but sometimes you do
a while with the trophy a while with screws

when we’re alone I never question your love
when we party with your friends
I watch the room from above
won’t we be surprised when we let it all go
the only thing for certain only one way to know
Track Name: She Said
She Said

she said “I need you to be the man I need you to be”
she said “say the things you never say to me”
she said “be the man”. “Be the man, I need”
I should have thought about what she said
before I said what I said.
I should have thought about it but I didn’t
I wish I had.
la dee da da dee
blah blah blah

she got all up in the what when I asked her why
well it was duck and cover when things started to fly
now I’m blind in the light of the danger signs
so blind. oh so blind
now I’m counting cliches on a 3x5
can’t you ever see my way
when the shit came out, she turned the fan my way
la dee da da dee
blah blah blah
Track Name: Round Again
Round Again

head on out try to look your best
let smoke and mirrors (and lights) take care of the rest
you don’t get to choose when you go
so wear clean shorts and let the good times roll
we all been hurt
some of us can’t help but show it
now we all get hurt
just can’t hide

why you gotta be defensive
I’m just trying to shed some light
here we go
round and round and round and round

best part of you
wants the rest of you
be the best that you can be
but clouded skies, weary eyes
make it too dark to see
Track Name: Goodbye

now you’re growing up so fast
but I just seem to keep the same
and I thought when we got together babe
I thought you knew I’d never change
now I know you’re gonna find a better way
yeah I know you’re gonna find it soon
and I think I know how you’re feeling
I’m here to say I’m feeling it too

there’s no need to burn your bridges
just to keep from crawling back
yeah there are so many sides to you
and they scratch each others backs
now I know you’re gonna find a better way
yeah I know you’re gonna find it soon
and I think I know how you’re feeling
I’m feeling it too

as I walk back through your garden
well I couldn’t help but cry
when I heard the spirits they hummed que sera
and we kissed
and we said, and we kissed, and we said
and we kissed and we said “goodbye”
Track Name: Kickin'

we got all we need
no, never enough
went in too deep
when the tide went rough
we’re still kickin’. we’re still kickin’
kickin’ at the doors
we kicked so hard before

you know I’ll deliver it’s a matter of time
we’re just getting centered
who knows what we’ll find there waiting…
waiting there

we made it this far
no, not far enough
we’re raising the bar
though not out of touch
we’re still livin’. we’re still kickin’
taking from the past
what we need to make it last…and last